Asst.MD – Citizens Of The World Choir

I am a proud musical arranger and technical and creative manager for the Citizens of The World Choir.

I was there from the start, since the first meetings in Parliament with our founding father Lord Roger Robert of Llandudno and they haven’t been able to shake me since.

We have extraordinary patrons including actress Emily Watson and Jazz musician Ian Shaw, both of whom regularly attend events, do workshops with us and we have even performed with Ian on numerous occasions including at Ronnie Scotts and Love Supreme festival.

We have appeared on BBC radio, at a LibDem party conference, at Parliament, at Byline Festival, Love Supreme, at The Globe theatre and at many events that promote refugee stories and rights.

The members are a beautiful bunch, we span 22 nationalities in total.

Our mission statement:

COTW is a choir for people who are refugees, asylum seekers, migrants and friends. We provide a safe space for refugees to express themselves through the healing power of music, as well as creating a diverse, friendly social community. We are non-politically affiliated and use our platform to advocate for refugee rights and human rights, to demonstrate the powerful contribution refugees and immigrants make to our society.


Found out more about COTW on the website or our FB and if you want to support us we will soon be a registered charity!

This video can tell you more than my words ever will. It is a beautiful thing. Click HERE to see them at their most joyous!



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