Composer/Performer – Tantidhatri Festival – Kolkata, INDIA

I was honoured to be invited as an artist to attend the Tantidhatri Women’s Performing Arts festival in India, January 2019.

Tantidhatri is India’s first International Women’s Performing Arts Festival. This third edition, took place in Kolkata from 15th till 20th of January 2019 which I attended as a composer and musician for the workshop and performance of “Daughter”, directed by Magdalena Festival Founder Jill Greenhalgh.

Pictures speak a thousand words so I will allow the gallery below to qualify what an extraordinary trip it was.

Tantidhatri aims at being a space of engagement for artists, thinkers and groups that are committed to women’s work in the field of performing arts.

The festival will donate its surplus amount for education of girl children in India.


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