Songwriter – Glastonbury 2019

Glastonbury 2019.

That was nuts. ⠀

What an insane turn of events to have performed my first festival as an artist in my own right at Glastonbury Festival (official). ⠀

I said I wasn’t going to do any festivals this year. The universe is playing a funny game with me.⠀

Every gig I watched was electric; all the people I met waiting for the toilets were great; the arancini balls stall changed my whole perspective on rice; I played guitar to an audience for the second time in my life (not sure if there was a thought process there) and they were so nice about it; I feel bonded for life to my HEARD Collective pals after manoeuvring our way around that crazy place together, playing in the hottest performance conditions I’ve ever experienced and, finally, I will cherish the moment we did a Dolly Parton sing along with our brilliant audience to tie off our headline set- I am exhausted and very excited. ⠀

Thank you to Green Futures Field for hosting us, couldn’t have asked for a better first Glasto community.

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