Cello: Some People, Agon Branza

So honoured to feature as a cellist on this stunning piece of work from songwriter and composer Agon Branza.

On the background of it all, Agon describes this song as a “confessional anthem about discrimination and ‘otherness’”. Right from the opening notes, the artist immediately immerses the listener into this rich atmospheric world of sweeping sounds and styles, preparing them as his voice delicately enters the mix. While it’s easy to point out that the background and diverse usage of instrumentation are certainly a focal point, this song would be nothing without Agon’s expressive vocals that seemingly know no limit in their range. You’re hooked on every single word as he takes you on an adventurous journey of the personal experience and “mask” that he feels like he’s wearing. He says, “As a queer person, I have come to realise that putting on a mask is usually harmful and that stepping away from certain people and discussions is crucial to preserve my mental health”. This song was his way of making peace, moving on, and feeling optimistic.” We Write About Music

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