Assistant Musical Director: BARBICAN Centre, Citizens of the World Choir; A Play for the Living in the Time of Extinction, Headlong theatre

Citizens of the World Choir performed at Barbican Centre as part of the production from Headlong Theatre – A Play For The Living in a time of Extinction.

This project was one of the most rewarding processes our choir family has stepped into and we have to extend an initial thanks to the production’s team – Iskandar (producer), Paul (composer), Claire & Moi (costumes), the cyclists, Greg (stage manager), Lydia (the star) and, of course, our director Katie Mitchell – every single person treated us all with such warmth, kindness, generosity and consideration and were a real inspiration to work with throughout this process. Thank you.

Secondly, we’d like to thank our members who were so dedicated and committed to the long process and who’s hard work paid off when they stepped out onto the Barbican stage with such dignity and control and sang Paul’s wonderful piece of music so beautifully. The team bonding back stage, our member’s and associate artists’ contributions to our warm ups (Ash Mukherjee’s movement warm ups have been captured so beautifully by Aref Hussaini) and keeping each other’s spirits high was truly one of the highlights. We couldn’t have been prouder.

And finally we want to say thank you to our administrative and music team. It is no small feat keeping this wonderful organisation running and to pull off collaboration of this scale and our team’s seemingly endless love and energy for the work is what carries us forward.

Photo credits:

Stage photos: Helen Murray

BTS: Aref Hussaini

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